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Sierra x Chase

Babies are here, 3 boys and 2 girls!

This litter was a challenge for me, it was a cold and windy February night, Sierra went into labor around 10 pm as usual and at 11 the power went out, babies started arriving at 1 a.m.-the power was out for 15 hrs! I delivered these tuff little babies by oil lamp and flashlight and kept them warm near our only source of heat-the oven! Everyone did great-maybe better than I did!

3 weeks old...and supposed to be napping!

Growing every day! 4 weeks old:

the 2 girls & 3 boys

(sookie & gracie lou)                                (jac, luke & jimmy)

Hey the babysitter is here to play!

5 weeks old

Where we're headed in 3 weeks.......

"Jimmy", Minnetonka, MN

"Luke" Columbia Station, Ohio

"Gracie" Cleveland Hts., Ohio

"Jac" Hendersonville, N. Carolina

"Sookie" Wooster, Ohio

7 weeks old

Gracie Lou





8 weeks old

Goodbye puppies we miss you already!


Gracie Lou




in our new homes

Jac enjoying the beauty of N Carolina with his new big sister Belle

Sookie helping with yard work at her new home in Ohio

Luke and his new big sister Pearl relaxing in the yard at their home in northern Ohio

What a difference! Here is Luke with Pearl, Luke at 9 month old is 27 inches tall and 70 lbs, we knew he was going to be a big boy!


Luke's owner writes:


He went to the groomer yesterday. They can't stop talking about his coat and how beautiful he is. In all of their 24 years of grooming, they have not seen such a beautiful 


standard poodle. They say they would definitely get a dog from you.:-DThey took before and after pictures to post on their web site. Will let you know when they do it. We went for a 2 mile walk this morning in the metro park and he was a happy camper. What a delight to have around. He is definitely taller than Pearl now and he wears her out playing.

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